certified to safely remove and control your pest infestation.

DR Property Maintenance & Pest Control has many years experience in providing comprehensive pest control. We achieve our high quality service using modern techniques, preparations and equipment. Each premise is vulnerable to certain types of pests and our service and price are tailor-made for your premises.

As a family run business we are now a well established environmental pest control service based in Leatherhead. We eradicate and control all types of pests and vermin including: Rats, mice, flying Insects, flies, ants, fleas, moles, squirrels and more etc. 

our list of services...

  • Birds
  • Rodents & Wildlife
  • Pests & Insects
  • Bed bugs, Fleas & Worms
  • Bees & Wasp Nests
  • Squirrels, Moles & more
  • Much more...

How can our team help you?

We have been offering our customers affordable and effective pest control services for years providing all our customers with professional, effective and economical pest control services. We will clear pests from the interior and exterior of houses & buildings. Our principal objective is to render a professional pest eradication service, including giving advice and helping to eliminate rodents, insects and other pest infestations by utilising our proven methods and techniques.

We are fully licensed and certified to undertake all pest control services in and around the Leatherhead areas.


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